Screen Scrooges: Another Chance for Ebenezer

     Scrooge was very much dismayed to hear the spectre going on at this rate, and began to quake exceedingly.      “Hear me!” cried the Ghost.  “My time is nearly gone.”      “I will,” said Scrooge.  “But don’t be hard upon me!  Don’t be flowery, Jacob!  Pray!”      “How is it that I appear beforeContinue reading “Screen Scrooges: Another Chance for Ebenezer”

Looking Glasses

     Whilst checking through my inventory for postcards showing monocles, I observed that there have been several ways of holding lenses up to one’s face.  Ordinary glasses or spectacles spread the burden between ears and nose, while the monocle is held in place with the muscles of the face.  But there have been other alternatives.Continue reading “Looking Glasses”

Screen Scrooges: Sufferings of the Late Mr. Marley

     “It is required of every man,” the Ghost returned, “that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow-men, and travel far and wide; and if that spirit goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death.  It is doomed to wander through the world-ah, woe is me!-and witnessContinue reading “Screen Scrooges: Sufferings of the Late Mr. Marley”

Plant Thou No Roses

            Meredith sat up and cursed.  When WOULD he remember to push back the lid of the casket first?             Once the obstruction had been pushed aside, he stretched his arms and sighed.  This was, of course, only his second day in the tomb.  There would be time to work out the details.             LastContinue reading “Plant Thou No Roses”

Screen Scrooges: Jacob Marley

     After several turns, he sat down again.  As he threw his head back in the chair, his glance happened to rest upon a bell, a disused bell, that hung in this room, and communicated for some purpose now forgotten with a chamber in the highest story of the building.  It was with great astonishment,Continue reading “Screen Scrooges: Jacob Marley”

New Moon Over Your Shoulder?

     Some other time, we shall discuss the weighty question of why our ancestors had so many jokes about bathrooms and their functions and the functions of people using them in their world of postcards.  It could be because postcards were consider such a quick, informal form of communication that we could toss in aContinue reading “New Moon Over Your Shoulder?”

SCREEN SCROOGES: Scrooge Settles In

     The sound resounded through the house like thunder.  Every room above, and every cask in the wine=merchant’s cellars below, appeared to have a separate a peal of echoes of its own.  Scrooge Was not a man to be frightened by echoes.  He fastened the door, and walked across the hall, and up the stairs;Continue reading “SCREEN SCROOGES: Scrooge Settles In”