To Make a Long Story Short

     We have examined, from time to time, the pleasure our postcard artists took in the infinite mixings and matchings of romance, but we have been primarily concerned with girth.  The artists found other ways to express romance in inches.  (Mind.  Gutter.  Please.)      The tall, thin man and the short, round woman were veryContinue reading “To Make a Long Story Short”

All Purpose Vehicles

     Mere months ago, we considered the postcard possibilities of canoodling in a Cadillac or fooling around in a Ford.  We looked at a number of postcards chuckled at by our ancestors which dealt with the uses of an automobile for a little romance on the road, and the perils associated with it.  That heroicContinue reading “All Purpose Vehicles”

The Course of True Love

     Well, here it is Monday again, and do you know what it’s time for, Chocolate Lasagna?  No, not getting to sit next to that lady with the mask-dislodging sneeze on your commute.  It’s time for another installment of our old joke quiz.      You say you prefer the lady with the sneeze?  Well, there’sContinue reading “The Course of True Love”

Heaping Helping

     In our last thrilling episode, we continued out discussion of Round People by considering Round People in Love.  Because we are avoiding the whole catchphrase “Nobody loves a Fat Man” and its descendants, this quickly turned into a discussion of the Round Woman and Love.  We saw a number of postcards which suggested thatContinue reading “Heaping Helping”

The Romance of Science

    As you no doubt recall from our last thrilling episode, we were looking at some of the ways postcard makers showed the comic possibilities of new technologies.  The automobile, the telephone, the phonograph: all were used for gags ranging from the merely cheerful to the rollicking.  (If you were not, personally, rollicked by anyContinue reading “The Romance of Science”