Looking Glasses

     Whilst checking through my inventory for postcards showing monocles, I observed that there have been several ways of holding lenses up to one’s face.  Ordinary glasses or spectacles spread the burden between ears and nose, while the monocle is held in place with the muscles of the face.  But there have been other alternatives.Continue reading “Looking Glasses”

Plant Thou No Roses

            Meredith sat up and cursed.  When WOULD he remember to push back the lid of the casket first?             Once the obstruction had been pushed aside, he stretched his arms and sighed.  This was, of course, only his second day in the tomb.  There would be time to work out the details.             LastContinue reading “Plant Thou No Roses”

To Make a Long Story Short

     We have examined, from time to time, the pleasure our postcard artists took in the infinite mixings and matchings of romance, but we have been primarily concerned with girth.  The artists found other ways to express romance in inches.  (Mind.  Gutter.  Please.)      The tall, thin man and the short, round woman were veryContinue reading “To Make a Long Story Short”

The Seven Deadly Virtues

     Today, we are going address unfair animadversions against human qualities.  I realize that this material has been presented from other angles, but bloggery can be a haven for unpopular viewpoints.  Why don’t people speak more pleasantly about       WRATH: Despite its popularity on social media, recognition of this as a major virtue goes backContinue reading “The Seven Deadly Virtues”

Boat Season Coming Up

     Spring is here now, more or less.  (One forecaster spoke of snow this weekend, but it IS only April.)  It is the time of year when folks start getting out on their boats again.  And seasonal though they might be, boats were regarded with just as much joy by postcard cartoonists as cars.       Continue reading “Boat Season Coming Up”