Reel Women Do Fish

     Well, here it is: April.  I am proud that you thought of my blog on April fool’s…okay, maybe it isn’t that much of a stretch.  Anyway, you may recall that some time ago, we discussed the Old World custom of sending your friends postcards with fish on them on April 1.  I can’t do that, but I can revisit a subject we worked over last year: the many postcards which center on piscatorial pursuits, the art of catching fish and/or explaining why you didn’t.

     While this is commonly considered a male passion (see above), postcards were always willing to grant women a role in the sport, even if it was occasionally just as an onlooker.

     An onlooker who was not necessarily clueless.

     Many, many postcards over the years confused the roles of onlooker and prey.

     Hooking something and taking it home as a trophy are two different things, of course.

     Some cards, alas, treat women as a mere distraction from a man’s true role in life.

     While others cannot dream of a true fishing trip without the company of women.

     As cards have acknowledged, though, at least since 1912, when this card was printed, women do go fishing, too.  And most of them are fishing for fish

     Though this young lady is apparently fishing for compliments, as well as for a letter.

     When encountering a rival in any sport, of course, sometimes a man can only sit back and admire the other person’s style.

     And, as a gentleman, never forgets his manners.

     And like any other person with a passion for piscatorial pursuits, a woman is happy to show off her catch and taking it for dinner.

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