Poor Deluded Girl

    In my ongoing quest for elderly humor in the world of postcards, U have run across many examples of what I call the Deluded Lover Gag.  This involves someone, usually a young woman, who has not checked to see who has reached out for a personal touch, but simply assumes she knows the person with such intimate feelings.    One frequent version is the “Guess Who” game plated above, about half the time with a caption showing the young lady has guessed it is Charlie.  I don’t know the name of the passing hobo, but I’m guessing it ain’t Charlie.

    The seaside is a frequent scene for such encounters, if you recall one of last week’s unmailable postcards ()And you’re such a small man)  I am sometimes puzzled at how the lady can make such a mistake, but it is wrong to overthink these things.

    After all, since this lady is sitting down, surely the young man accused would have to be leaning over her to reach down to…but of course the point is that the lady is thinking, but of other things than deductive identification.

    If I DID worry about such things, I’d be worrying about George’s usual greetings, and the strength of his grip.  (By the way, this card is by the same company which made those two lady-with-cat postcards from last week’s unmailable columns.)

        While, as for Melvin, I wonder…well, I just wonder what she’s envisioning.

    More often, the intruder who is accused is on dry land.  Vast numbers of picnickers, it seems, have over the year taken naps in the sun only to assume their date is trying to get a little too friendly,

    Since few picnickers are likely to stop to eat around a hog wallow, the visitors are more often cows

    And it is not always the female half of the company who is fooled.

    Let us now consider the exceedingly popular story of the Elephant and the Newlyweds, which always makes me a little sad.  Wilbur and his bride must face the results of unrealistic expectations in the future.  This version is a little sadder, since the only character we can see, the elephant, seems to have a trunk which is very oddly formed, and going into the  opening of the tent at an odd angle and….

    Well, anyhow, it’s better than the censored version. Goodness, Dear!

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