What Else Dogs Do

     Some time ago, we examined postcards featuring dogs and found that the number one thing our canine friends do in comic postcards is, well, number one.  The number of postcards involving peeing pekes and poodles was so vast that there was an equal and opposite number of postcards featuring dogs who weren’t urinating justContinue reading “What Else Dogs Do”

All At Sea

     It has been suggested to me that my notes on postcards dealing with the military, particularly during World War II, have not been fully representative.  The Army, including the Women’s Army Corps (ch), is well-represented, but what about the Navy?      In fact, the Navy was considered just as rich a service for postcardContinue reading “All At Sea”

Free Advice Worth Every Penny

     I have been getting a lot of advice lately.  Fortunately, almost all of it is in the form of old postcards, so there is no need for me to make a personal decision on whether it’s good or not.      Some genius whose name I have forgotten once wrote that all advice is bothContinue reading “Free Advice Worth Every Penny”

More Kids With Lids

     In our last thrilling installment, we were discussing how boys, on postcards but also outside in the world, would pretend to be grown-ups by donning a grown-up hat, most usually a silk topper.  Well, girls were liable to the same strategy.      Little girls tended to wear bonnets, like the girl at the topContinue reading “More Kids With Lids”

Kids and Their Lids

     If you recall from last week, we were beginning to discuss postcards which show children dressing up like their elders.  (Yes, we actually spent that column talking about all the postcards we were NOT going to talk about.  But work with me here.)  A quick examination of the cards shows that one of theContinue reading “Kids and Their Lids”

Clothes Make the Kid

     WHAT is so cute as a small child dressing up in grown-up clothes?  Once cameras were accessible to the everyday consumer, few collections of family pictures did not include at least one photo of Boopsy putting on Dad’s hat or Mom’s shoes.  Swiping one’s parents attire was a great way to play grown-up, or,Continue reading “Clothes Make the Kid”