Cute Overdose

     Now, in nature, children and small animals are not necessarily the best of friends.  It depends a lot on that first encounter.  Are they going to be in competition or cahoots? 

     Sometimes likes repel, after all.

     But the world of postcards and the world of what we consider reality both see that what we have are two types of small creature which are difficult to control, hard to train, and given to impulsive action.  So they can become fast friends, in a bond which is no less deep for being impulsive.  Postcards display all the facets of the polished gem of camaraderie.

     A friend is aware when you get hungry, and will jump in to help out.

     Even if that means giving up part of their own food supply.

     It’s share and share alike among buddies.

     You can count on it.

     A friend will give you advice on personal care.

     A friend will be in sympathy with your mood when you are worried, sad, or feeling neglected.

     Your friend and you form a team, united against mysterious powers over which you have no control.

     A friend has your back in times of need, always standing with you when the rest of the world has doubts.

     In short, a friend will give you reasons to get up in the morning.

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