Angling for Adventure

    I know how disappointed you were on Friday, thinking we had wrapped up our discussion of fishing postcards so soon.  Well, be of good cheer, Pecan Chowder, we have not yet covered the full scope of the fishing postcard.  (I’m not sure it CAN be covered at this point, as the pool of knowledge is about the size of lake Michigan by now, but we’ll make another fishing trip.)

     There is considerable disagreement in the world of fishing over whether the practice is best done alone, or with a friend or two.  Misery loves company, after all, and, as experts across the world have pointed out that not catching a fish while fishing is more palatable if you’ve had a chance to talk for hours with a friend.  Others claim you don’t need a friend to be present with a pole to talk for hours, and these people tend to become postcard cartoonists.

    After all, as observed in the card at the top of this column, a partner can turn out to be a distraction when you’re busy.  Or a distraction generally, as seen below.

    The ideal companion on a fishing trip, of course, is one who can be useful.

    It can be even more of a distraction, though sometimes a pleasant one, if you are taking along a complete novice, who has to learn from your example how fishing is meant to be practiced.

    Though you can’t really get away with a grumble of “Beginner’s Luck”.

    There is no reason, despite the postcards above, that a woman cannot fish as avidly and intently as a man.  This can be seen in the way THEY react to taking along a guest.

    Some fisherfolk just LIKE solitude, though, independent of any annoyance caused by a companion.  Being alone provides time for contemplation of life’s mysteries (wearing white after Labor Day, say, what song the sirens sang, or Mr. Spock’s first name).  When alone, they claim, you just see things that you don’t notice if there’s another person along.  This has nothing to do with what you brought along for refreshments, but that may have some bearing on the matter,

    It’s not all just dreamy little dreams in the world of nature, you see.  There are nightmares as well.

    Of course, dreams are eternal, and the number of postcards treating of this particular fantasy are legion, covering what sort of bait one should be using, and whether you can actually take this catch home to the wife.

    Although, as mentioned hereintofore, women fish, too.

    Coming soon: Friday is Fish Day.

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