Oh! You Running Gag!

Albert and Harry Von Tilzer were responsible for a lot of pop culture at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries.  Albert composed “After the Ball”, considered the first pop song to sell over a million copies (sheet music, since records were at this point going through a format war andContinue reading “Oh! You Running Gag!”

Insufficient Centennial Note

Once upon a time, Pineapple Fry, there was no Internet.  No, come back.  I know most of your grandfather’s stories start this way, but stick with me and we may get somewhere. In those dear, bygone days, the major electronic entertainment devices in our home were the radio, which we used for weather reports, news,Continue reading “Insufficient Centennial Note”

Around His Neck

   So in our last two installments, we considered the mockery postcard cartoonists made of two items of women’s fashion in the 1905-1915 era: the hobble skirt and the picture hat.  Can we have the same wild and crazy time considering men’s fashion of the period?    Well, if you look at that first picture,Continue reading “Around His Neck”